Audio Visual & Computer Rentals Since 1989



Wow, those lease prices are so low, how do you do it?
We value your business and want to provide the equipment and support for all of your computer hardware needs for years to come. The lease prices listed on our website reflect pre-payment for the first year. 

Can we pay our lease payments month to month instead of the first year up front?
Yes.  Lease prices for month to month leasing without an annual pre-payment are 10% higher.

Do you only lease to businesses?
Yes, our leasing program is only available to businesses that have been established for a minimum of 3 years.

What is the difference between renting and leasing?
Renting is for short term, anything from one day to 3 or 4 months. Leasing is for longer term needs.  

What is the length of the lease?
Leasing requires a 12 month commitment.  After 12 months the lease automatically converts to a month to month rental at 1/12th the annual lease payment (per month).   You may opt to return the equipment and cancel the rental any time after the lease expires.

Are all of your items available for lease?
Most of our computer equipment items (including certain printers) are available for long term lease at deep discounts off of our monthly rental rates.   If you don't see a lease price associated with a particular item, just contact us.  



Do you require a security deposit?
Most of our rental items require a security deposit that is equal to the value of the equipment being rented.   Depending on the item, we may simply put a hold on your credit card.  In some cases we actually charge your card then issue a refund once the equipment is returned. 

Can I supply a Certificate of Insurance (COI) instead of a security deposit?
Yes, just send us proof of liability insurance.  Your insurance broker should be able to produce this form for you.  Depending on the total value of the equipment, you may need to fill out an EGADS Business Line of Credit form as well.


What if I have trouble with my equipment or it just doesn't work?
All equipment is tested before it is delivered. However, in the rare event that you do have a problem, just call the phone number listed on your packing slip. If the problem cannot be solved, a replacement will be given by the next business day.


What does the accidental damage insurance cover?
Our damage insurance covers any accidental/non-intentional damage incurred to the equipment during your rental period. This does not include any damage caused directly or indirectly by weather, negligence, flood, fire, misuse, abuse, or theft.

We already have business insurance.  Why should I get the accidental damage insurance?
Most insurance policies have a deductible ranging from $500 to $2500 (or more).  This means the insurance company only pays the amount of the damage that is above the policy deductible, leaving the policy holder to pay for all damages that are below the deductible on their own. The accidental damage insurance we provide has a small, or no deducible depending on the item being rented. 



Do you ship equipment outside the NYC metro area?
Yes.  Laptops, tablets and iMacs are available for shipment nationwide for corporate clients.  We can only ship to the billing address of the corporate credit card being used for payment.


Do you rent software other than Microsoft Office?
No, but you can install any software you wish on your own. Many software companies have free trial software you can install (including most Adobe Creative Suite programs).